The new bookstore is opening!

A brand new bookstore will be opening up within harrisburn PA on 01/04/22 which will be a wonderful addition to the small town due to the wide varities of books that will be sold. It shall be arriving with books that are rarer in these parts including odd textbooks on cooking foreign dishes you may not be able to readily find online, along with a special new series that will only be sold at this bookstore written by none other than George R.R. Martin.

It is sure to be without a doubt a massive tourist attraction which of course means residents of PA will have to be quick on their feet on opening day if they want a copy of this exclusive and rare book that can't be found anywhere else in the world. The book will also have a limited run time and shall only be restocked in this bookstore a total of 5 times and once thats done it'll be gone from store shelves forever.

The amazing collectiong the store will have!

The store will come with books of many varying genres and seemingly every author under the sun whether it's a textbook, poetry, graphic novels, manga, or even something a bit more on the rare side, then your fairly likely to find it at the currently under construction bookstore. It's currenly estimated to have a total of 15,000 books in total lining every shelf which will be restocked accordingly on a monthly basis to keep up with demand.

They will also occassionally bring in some people you don't see on a daily basis like the afformentioned writer J.R.R Martin to do book signings and readings to the general public to promote both the stores active customer base and his cnnections with the community, as George says Savings are coming or was it dragons I can't remember. We hope to see you all there on the grand opening of the New Harrisburg, PA Bookstore
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