Michelle is a hard working team player here at orca corp. who always puts in her all here at the work place.
It's tough to find good workers in the work place nowadays and we are glad to have such a wonderful person on staff like her here.

Mike is the jokester around the office who seems to always have a funny quip for whenever things go awry, but don't be fooled by his lackadaisical
nature because he is perhaps one of the kindest workers here who is always supporting and helping everyone out.

Jeffery is the boss here at Orca corp. but he's different from normal bosses who just talk, talk, talk up their positions because he puts in effort to make sure the quota is reached by pitching in himself.

Penelope here is the studious type who is definitely the smartest person in the office, plus she has some wacky good organizational skills she's always putting to good use, we'd be lost without her.