Menu for Boppo's italian cuisine
Check out this Boop,Bop,Bipping menu
Entrees Main Dishes Desserts
Boop's Munchin Mozzarella Sticks Boppo's Spectacular Spaghetti Bippo's Bangin Brownies
Boop's Frayed French Fries Boppo's Licious Lasagna Bippo's Interesting Italian Ice
Boop's Baked Breadsticks Boppo's Packed Pizza Bippo's Super Sundae
  1. Your able to tell, Bippo handles desserts, Boppo handles Main Dishes, and Boop handles the entreƩ's
  2. Your able to figure out who the owner of the resteraunt of is by the shop being named after Boppo
  3. You can tell the resteraunt only has three of each dish type